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I mean decades ago people looked down on you if you were 16 WITHOUT a child. And now people look down on you if you are 16 and WITH a child. Because we are “too young to know what we really want.” or “We are throwing our lives away with this mistake.”

Like who gives society the right to call…

I don’t think its acceptable to have a child at the age of 20 thats still way to young. Ya people had children young decades ago but that was when most families could afford to live off of one persons salary. Today it takes both people in the household working and sometimes working two jobs.. not many teenagers can afford to take care of a child I’m 20 with two jobs, a house, a car, and a stable boyfriend who has two jobs and I know for a fact I could not afford to raise a child. Most people go to college now because it’s difficult to find a high paying job without a degree. I can’t imagine going to college, having a job, and taking care of a baby. I understand accidents happen and that such but the teenagers who are ttc should stop being selfish and wait to have children until they can truly provide them with everything they need. 

(Source: just-alittle-misunderstood)

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